Postal Notes – United States Issued Postal Notes

Postal Notes – United States Postal Notes

Postal Notes are very collectible and we do purchase them in addition to currency.  Postal notes were essentially the original money orders of The United States.  Postal notes could only be purchased for sums up to five dollars.  As you can imagine, not many postal notes exist today.  Many of the postal notes that are still around were saved as collectible items by local postmasters.  As with national bank notes, location is a big factor in what makes postal notes desirable.  Typically postal notes from western states, southern states, and tiny towns are rarer and more valuable than postal notes from large cities or New England and Midwest states.

Postal notes in collectible condition are usually worth between $150 to $2,000.  If you have a postal note to sell – then please tell us about it:

Most all postal notes have the following text:

United States of America Postal Note For Sums Less Than Five Dollars
Payable In The United States Only To The Postmaster Of The Money-Order Office At
Pay To Bearer At Any Time Within Three Months From The Last Day Of The Month Of Issue.
This Postal Note is also payable to bearer at the office of issue, with the same limitation as to time.  If lost or destroyed, no duplicate thereof can be issued
Received the above named sum.