Value of Obsolete Paper Money

Values of Obsolete Paper Money

Obsolete paper money is a term that is used to describe any state issued bank note that is no longer redeemable at its face value.  Every bank note printed before 1860 is considered to be obsolete.  Any time you see paper money that has something like “State of” written on it, that is an obsolete bank note.  Obsolete paper money was only printed under the authority of the bank.  It was never backed by precious metals or by the government.  So when ever the bank went out of business then all the paper money it issued instantly became worthless.  We have more information about obsolete currency here.

Obsolete money is valued the same way any other paper money is valued.  It is all about condition and rarity.  We would encourage you to send us pictures of your obsolete paper money so that we can evaluate it and let you know if we can make an offer to purchase it.