How To Sell Us Your Old Paper Money

Instructions For Selling Us Your Old Paper Money

There are two ways to do a transaction with us. The first and suggested method is:

1) Contact us with scans or digital photos of what you want to sell.
2) We examine your items via the digital images and make our offer.
3) If you accept the offer we can send you a check on the same day.
4) Upon receiving our check (which comes with an invoice, shipping instructions and packing materials) you send your notes back out to us via registered mail with tracking information.

The other option would be a sight-unseen offer
1) Mail your notes to the address on our contact us page via registered mail with signature confirmation. Be sure to include your phone number and/or email address with the package.
2) We will examine the notes when they arrive and make an offer
3) If you accept the offer we send you a cashiers check or other payment method of your choosing. Or if you don’t like the price, we can send your notes back at no charge. (We do not buy foreign currency)