1902 Blue Seal National Bank Notes

1902 Blue Seal National Bank Notes

We are very aggressive buyers of 1902 blue seal national bank notes.  Some of these notes are very rare and command high prices.  1902 national currency was issued by every state and even Puerto Rico.  They will feature the name of national bank, city, and state.  There is a portrait to the left, the bank’s name in the center, and two serial numbers.  National currency values can change drastically in a short period of time.  Blue seals were not printed that long ago.  Some were printed as late as 1928.  What could seem very rare can quickly become common if two or three more examples are discovered.

The value of a 1902 national bank note depends on which bank issued it.  Condition is also a factor.  In order to get an accurate value of what your 1902 blue seal national bank note is worth you will need to contact us.  The table below is a very basic guide – notes could potentially be worth more.


Bank Rarity

Heavy Circulation

Average Circulation

Uncirculated Condition

Common Bank




Scarcer Bank




Rare Bank