1882 Brown Back National Bank Notes

1882 Brown Back National Bank Notes

We are very aggressive buyers of 1882 brown seal national bank notes.  Some of these notes are very rare and command high prices.  Please note that some notes from the series of 1882 can also have a blue seal.  Also the higher denomination notes ($50 & $100) carry a larger premium than other notes.  Five dollar 1882 brown backs are considered the most collectible of the series – however, that does not really mean that they are the most valuable.  You can find further information about national currency at one of our partner sites.

The value of an 1882 national bank note depends on which bank issued it.  Condition is also a factor.  In order to get an accurate value of what your 1882 national bank note is worth you will need to contact us.  The table below is a very basic guide – notes could potentially be worth more.



 Poor Condition

 Average Circulation

 Perfect Condition

1929 $5 Bill




1929 $10 Bill




1929 $20 Bill




1929 $50 Bill




1929 $50 Bill